GatorTRAX is for students who are interested in math and careers in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, especially those students who are underrepresented in engineering fields: African-Americans, Hispanics and females. Many exciting, high-paying careers depend on a solid foundation in mathematics. What do you want to be? Don't worry if you're struggling with math; that's what GatorTRAX is all about. Plus, the Saturday sessions are guaranteed to be a fun learning experience spent with your friends.

When will I ever use this math?

If you have ever wondered "When will I ever use math?", GatorTRAX can show you how the math you do in the classroom relates to solving real-world problems. Design a bridge, build a rocket, discover how pumps work, and see for yourself how math makes computers work. The possibilities are endless! Saturday Engineering is designed to show you how you can use the math you learn in the classroom in the real world.

How do I apply for GatorTRAX?

It's simple! Have your parents register you here.
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