The Teaching Clock Tower Project


There is a clock tower on the north-west side of Weil Hall. Orignially, four clock faces were painted on the four windows at the top of the tower, representing the four real clock faces that will be replaced. TBP became first involved when, Frank Hartman, former president, was hired to put the real clocks in it and asked Tau Beta Pi, Florida Alpha, to participate in the process. Dr. Dave Bloomquist, in the Civil Engineering Department, has offered to support TBP in this endeavor.

The Civil Engineering Honor Society (Chi Epsilon) website has more details on the clock, its conception, and its purpose: The Teaching Clock Tower Project.

We will not be the only Wandering Hour Dial in the world, however! A group in London, Newgate Street Clock, has installed one of its own.
Clock Tower outside of Weil Hall

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in participating, contact the project lead, Thomas Scruggs. The participants who see this project through will have their names engraved in a plaque near the tower.

So Far Done

Fall 2011

Sun Dial
Currently, plans are being developed for a pseudo-Sun Dial face for the Clock Tower.

Spring 2011

Binary Dial
Dr. Bloomquist and his students worked on the design and development of the Binary Clock Face, which lies on the side of the Clock Tower facing Gale-Lemerand Drive.
Binary Clock Face mounted on the Clock Tower

Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Wandering Hour Dial
  • Design Team: finished remaining parts and assembled clock face.
  • Structural Team: mounted the clock face on the Clock Tower, facing Weil Hall.
  • Electrical Team: wired the clock face in the Clock Tower.
Wandering Hour Face mounted on the Clock Tower

Spring 2007

Wandering Hour Dial

  • Design Team:
    • completed the Wandering Hour design, and parts will be fabricated by the end of the summer.
    • begun the Sun and Moon design.
  • Structure Team: built the brick podium to mount the Clock Howard movement and reconditioned the movement.
  • Electrical Team: continued work on tweaking the feedback/sensors.

Fall 2006

Wandering Hour Dial

  • Design Team: 90% design completed and parts sent to be fabricated.
  • Structure Team: base structure and replica of the steel frame housing the dial completed.
  • Electrical Team: clock time feedback and pendulum sensor designed.