What is TEE?

    The Tutoring for Engineering Excellence Program is dedicated to providing supplementary educational aid for people interested in becoming future engineers. The program accomplishes this by providing unrestricted access to video lectures and downloadable study guides covering critical topics in general engineering courses. A list of study guides and a link to the TEE YouTube Channel are provided in the important links section below. It is our hope that the TEE program will not only provide participants with the problem solving techniques used in engineering courses, but will also provide an understanding of the context in which these techniques are used to emulate how engineers solve real world problems.

  • List of Study Guides (under construction)
  • TEE is for Tutorial! YouTube Channel (under construction)

  • Why does Tau Beta Pi have this program?

    Members of Tau Beta Pi swear to uphold the fundamental principles of the Code of Ethics of Engineers by using their knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare and by improving the competence and prestige of the engineering profession. Therefore TEE is designed to satisfy elements of the fundamental principles by providing unrestricted access to engineering concepts to anyone interested in pursuing an education in engineering. At the end of the day, we hope to encourage the younger generations to continue the pursuit of knowledge in a field designed for the benefit of humanity.

    Can I volunteer for the program?

    If you are an electee, candidate, or member of Tau Beta Pi then you are eligible to volunteer in the program. In fact, your participation in the program is strongly encouraged! A list of volunteer positions based on project category is provided below:

    Video Lectures (Group Project)

  • Lecture Script Writer - Provides the video lecturer with the directions to effectively communicate the concepts covered in the video. The script writer prepares the script in advance for the video lecturer to review and reflect on the soundness of the explanations.
  • Video Lecturer - The video lecturer reviews and critics the script provided by the script writer to ensure that their explanation can be understood by the audience. The video lecturer then presents the concepts discussed in the script on a whiteboard and in front of the camera. When the script focuses entirely on a sample problem, the video lecturer has the option to screencast their solution with graphics editor.
  • Graphic Designer - Makes diagrams, charts, and other visual elements referenced in the video. Also responsible for intro and outro graphics for each video.
  • Video Editor - Cuts and splices video lectures and imports elements made by the graphic designer into the video
  • Study Guides (Individual Project)

  • Writer - Writers choose an engineering topic of their interest and discusses key concepts, theories and equations. The writer is responsible for generating their own sample problems and solutions to sample problems. The writer can also generate their own visuals or use properly reference visuals when needed to sufficiently explain their topic.
  • Volunteers will be credited in the video or study guide that is published on this page and may be compensated with service hours. If any of these positions interest you, please email the current TEE Chairs (Royce Reyes and Brianna Malcolm) at their email, tbpteeuf@gmail.com and they will provide you with additional information needed for you to participate in the program. Thank you for showing interest in volunteering!