Member Information

Member Status

Please refer to the requirements below to determine your status as a member in Tau Beta Pi. It is the your responsibility to make sure your status and records are up to date. The expected graduation and membership status of current student members can be found on the Current Membership page. To change your membership status, fill out the Update Membership Status form. Current membership status and attendance can be found here.

Active Membership

Active membership shall be granted to members who attend the Member Meeting, Candidate Elections (Meeting 3), and Officer Elections, as well as at least one other non-meeting event (ie GatorTRAX, social, Corporate Dinner, TBP company information session, Speed Networking, etc). Members of Tau Beta Pi that transfer to the University of Florida will be considered active active members in their first semester with a written request to the President. The active membership will "refresh" immediately following initiation. This means that newly-initiated members are considered active after initiation and are eligible to vote at Officer Elections (TBP-FLA Bylaw XIV, Section 2A-C)

All members who do not qualify for active membership, shall be classified as inactive members. Inactive members do not have the right to vote on Chapter business or run for office.

Graduation Stoles

Graduation stoles will be available to all members. Purchasing stoles, however, is only available to active and distinguished active members. Contact Member Coordinator Shannon Brown to rent or buy a stole or sign up by clicking here!

For Rent

Refunds will be given once the stole has been returned.
  • Active members - $22 ($20 refund)
  • Inactive members - $40 ($20 refund)

For Purchase

  • Active members - $20
  • Inactive members may not purchase a stole

Member Benefits

Being a member of Tau Beta Pi entitles you to some benefits that you should take advantage of, including scholarships, fellowships, loans, and discounts.

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