Position and Contact Information

Updated for Fall 2017


Position Name Email
President Maddie Sciullo
Vice-President Jessica Matthews
Recording Secretary Catherine Miney
Corresponding Secretary Justin Cohen
Treasurer Royce Reyes
Historian Dominick Mulder
VPs of Electees
Madeline Fuchs
Shreedevi Kumar
VPs of Education Outreach
Felicia Sedwick
Lauren Medlin
Graduate Coordinator
Shannon Brown
Service Coordinators
Brian Habing
Carla Guidi
Social Coordinators
Trevor Garlinghouse
Colton Weimerskirch
Communications Chair Yantong Chen
Webmaster Leslie Richardson
TEE Chair Wisam Fares
Member Coordinator Leah Carol
Alumni Coordinator Ryan Dargan
Corporate Relations Chair
Lance Smith
BEC & E-Week Representative Matthew Capriotti
Clock Tower Coordinator Max Greene
Initiation Coordinator Surya Chandan Dhulipala
Banquet/Awards Coordinator Ankit Patel
FE Review Coordinator Frederick Hodgin
Tau Beta Pi Day Coordinator Felicia Sedwick

  • A list of our chapter's former officers can be found here.

Office Hours

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